Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Happy Days!

Happy days! I received my daughter's report card today and am absolutely proud to say that she has done exceedingly well! This is to say she had switch schools in the middle of a school year and moved countries at the same time! So great encouragement to know that she has settled in very well in all aspects!! Although her language skills in bahasa malaysia and mandarin are yet to be fully tested and utilised! ;-)
So, this means that the school year is coming to a close yet again! Whoa!! Where did all the time go? She will be starting secondary school next term! How scary is that thought!! Seriously, gosh! My baby is growing up!! Way too quickly!!

Anyways, so I have also been looking around for schools for my little one and i think i have sort of decided on the one he might go to.. but still have to call the school and have a visit session there soon!! This also means for me that my baby boy is also growing up! He is going to be 3 in a few months!! How did that happen???
However, he will most likely not start until sept/oct this year! Since Miks is on her holidays, it is better he stays home too and plus we might be making a trip home to Sibu! So at least i will have him home for a few more months!!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lunch and a Margarita

Today, i had lunch with some yummy mommies from Miks school! We had fab smoked salmon and a lovely turkey ham quiche! Yummy!!
However, since i am not much of a drinker, the one single glass of margarita left me with hot flushes and a red face! Although, i must say, kudos to my friend S, who made it! It was fantastic!!! Although, the other after effect for me was a headache. Not as bad as the previous one i had but still there! There was also cake made by H, which was also great.. unfortunately i havent got any pictures of it all! Next time i must remember to take pictures!
Then we left to collect our girls from school after their rehearsal for the school show. It was pouring rain and i was rained on!!!
During all this, Max had been left home with granny and he had a blast of a time staying indoors! He planted with grandma and was proud to show me the stuff they had transplanted from small pot to a bigger one! He has also been busy painting with water color. I know for sure it is no Picasso but one has to start somewhere!! He does love his sessions! Actually, yesterday he got hand painted and face painted by sister dearest!!
I will really have to get pictures on here again! Once I have figured out how to maximise the storage space i have on my mac, it will be easier to download pics from the camera and eventually have them here!!

Monday, 2 July 2012


After lunch yesterday, I had come down with a splitting headache. But yet managed to take the kids to Popular bookstore to pick up stuff that Miks needed for school. Mind you, it is not that she does have any of those things, she has loads of them but they are all sitting in the storage warehouse waiting. But what to do? She says she needs it even though school's out in 2 weeks for her for summer! We spent about 1.5hrs in Popular in which she spent time reading a book. And I spent it looking and running after Max that he does not destroy the displays and looking at cook books that I can only salivate looking at for now. Mental note to self, remember to go and get more cookbooks to try out after we move into our place!
Anyways, back to the headache, came home after dinner and had to go and sleep pretty much right away! Not very often i feel like that... but last night was horrible.. ended up with my dinner back up and had to pop a couple of tylenol tabs to feel better and manage to sleep with that! Hopefully this is a rare occurrence. Cant manage to feel like that too often!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Move 2012

Wow! I noticed that I have not updated this in ages!

Time for a quick update! We have now moved from Aberdeen to Kuala Lumpur. We have been here since March 2012 and it has been an interesting move so far! Coming home to Malaysia after living abroad for the past 10 years certainly has it advantages and also disadvantages! Still in the process of buying a place to call our own and I am hoping that it will happen sooner rather than later!! 
Other than that, we have now Mikayla in school and she is certainly enjoying it! She has been in this new school for 1 term and by gosh! We are nearing the end of term!!! The good thing about this is that she has made friends here and is certainly adapting well to the weather! Education wise, there were adjustments needed for her. Though she is in an International School, she is required by the Malaysian Education Department to learn Bahasa Malaysia! Something that she has not learnt before due to our own lack of usage of the language whilst we have been away! So good times ahead for her! Hope that she will learn and use the language at some point soon! She is getting better at understanding and knowing the words.. so that is a start! I am hoping she will be able to converse in simple malay language before the end of the year! 
As for Max, he is definitely enjoying being home with mommy and grandma! As we are staying temporarily at my mom's till we secure our own place, he gets to hang out with grandma alot especially when mommy has to go and get errands done!! He is becoming quite a talker and he enjoys company! One other thing we have noticed that he likes are flowers! Maybe this is a sign that he will be a romantic when he is older! Fingers crossed! Need to however get him into a school when he turns 3! Maybe even slightly before that! I seriously need to get my backside going and looking for places for him!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Busy week

Another busy week for me leading up to the school holidays... so much going on!!!
Today Mikayla had roman day at school and she went to school dressed in a roman toga... did all things roman and ate some roman foods... one of which she said was roman door mouse?? She was sure that it was actually a mouse that tastes like chicken... i suspect it really was just chicken... hehehe... too bad i forgot to take a picture of her this morning before she headed off to school.. might get her to replicate the toga again just for the pictures....
on top of that, the funniest thing happened today.... Max saw a spider and got really scared..... it was at a friend's house... Mikayla and Max were in the conservatory when the tiny house spider appeared... he came running to me in the living room saying 'pider, pider...' mommy, pider.... at first i thought what was he talking about... then i figured out spider... it is the time of the year when spiders come out of their hiding places... and roam the homes.... so Max was actually trying to get me to come and see and remove the spider but i instead said to him... go on and play.. you will be fine.... so off he went.. apparently he stood by the conservatory door for a bit before going back in to see Mikayla.. when he did go in... he was saying to Mikayla... 'pider pider'... shortly afterwards, i heard his cries from the living room and then i decided to go and check it out.. the sight i saw was such a cute sight.. Max was hanging on to Mikayla for his dear life refusing to step his feet down to the floor for the fear of the spider which by now was long gone..... he saw my friend and I and he decided to cling to me instead.. i brought him closer to where the spider was and boy his shrieks got louder! Too bad i did not have a camera handy to film it all...  but i had to convince him to look down and see that there was no more spider on the floor.. finally he did look and saw no spiders... he said 'uh oh' where? pider gone? So i assured him that the spider was gone and he finally came back down to the floor to walk again.... both my friend and I thought that it was quite hilarious the way he hung on for his dear life over a small tiny spider just about the size of his fingernail... hehehehe!!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Blueberry Orange Muffin turned Bundt Cake

So the other day whilst i was trawling the internet for recipes, i found this one on Anncoo Journal and decided to give it a shot... I had blueberries to be used up and decided on this one... seemed easy enough for me to do...

I was lazy to take out my muffin pan and thought since i had a bundt pan on hand... thought i'd just use that instead.... So here is how my muffin turned cake came out looking...

It was a big hit when i took it to some friends of mine for a taste test! So much so, i had to bake another for my dear hubby to try.. my daughter does not like blueberries so she passed on it... but my son on the other hand adores blueberries and cakes so he had quite a lot of it!!!! The second time i made it, i had run out of flour so i used self raising flour instead and omitted the baking powder and it turned out just as well.....

On the whole an easy recipe to make with most things that you would have on hand... 

Thanks Anncoo for your lovely recipe!!!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Coming back to blogging again?

Had a look at my blog and realised that i have not written in it for over a year.....

Maybe its time for me to fill it up again!

Well, I think the busyness of life has gotten the better of me! Hence the lack of writing!

Anyways, some things i think i'll share...

In about 21 days my older baby is turning 10! Gosh!! How did that happen? She is growing up fast! Sometimes i wish that she could just remain the little baby/girl she once was! She is definitely now having a mind of her own now more than ever!!! This generation of kids are just far too advanced! They want things that I could only have imagined for at that age!

cont. 17 June 2011
So, my girl is now 10!! Double digits... there is definitely no going back now!!! Only managed to come back now to continue writing... busyness of life has again gotten the better of me AGAIN!!! Anyhow, hopefully i will get some momentum going...
Oh btw, today my boy is 20months old!! Gosh! Honestly dont know where all the time has gone to!!!!
Well, more next time......