Saturday, 31 January 2009

Aberdeen Chinese Community Gathering

I have just come home from attending a Chinese New Year gathering hosted by the Aberdeen Chinese School and Community at the Linksfield Community Centre.
Just some girls having fun making silly faces whilst the performances were going on!

There was lots of food!!! And also, i dont think i have seen that many chinese people in one location before here in Aberdeen! Man! There were loads of them!!!
What impressed me were the people who were making 饺子 (jiǎo zi) They were really good! Even then men were good! Too bad i did not get any pictures to post them on though! :(...Hadnt thought about it! But i will ask a friend who was taking pics if he has some to share....

Among other things that were happening besides have loads and loads of food and 饺子, there were also some performances by the kids who have chinese lessons and also piano lessons there. Some were good some were ok.....too bad the piano there was an old one, the kids who played on them had to really try hard to make it sound good! I was talking to a friend about this and she told me that her teacher has always told her " It's not about how good a piano is, it's how well you make the piano to be!" So you make your music and the piano is there to help you! So in essence it does not really matter at times if the piano is old, you just got to make it sound good the best you can!!!;-)

Another perfomance that really caught the attention of these people was a friend of mine and her parents with their chinese musical instruments. guzheng Huqin 胡琴 qinqin These instruments were really cool! Had no idea my friend was so darn good at it!!!

Overall it was good fun and good food with good company although i probably only knew about 0.5 % of the people there tonite!

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